June 7-8, 2018

10 am - 4pm (1 hr lunch break)

Aspen Light Studio

21 N Junction Ave

Montrose, CO

Introduction to Mosaic Forms in Fused Art Glass

Presented by Diane Quarles

A two-day weekday workshop sponsored through the Montrose Center for the Arts. This class will introduce the student to the basics of fused glass, including design for firing and slumping, glass cutting and assembly and the process of firing for fusing and slumping glass. This knowledge will be used to design and construct 2 - 3 glass pieces (tiles, bowls, plates or platters) by cutting and assembling smaller pieces of glass to form a mosaic collage that will first be fired into a single glass piece and then slumped into its final shape. The first day will be used to familiarize the student with working and designing with glass by producing several experimental tiles for that night's firing. The second day the student will design and create the mosaic glass assemblies, using tools and techniques such as shatter glass, dots and frit balls, and nipped and stacked glass, that will be fired and then slumped into the shape of their choice.

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